We offer a one-stop cloud enablement platform for your growing data management needs and ensures simplicity, agility and flexibility without compromising security.

With data and mission-critical applications increasingly transitioning to the cloud, the adoption of software as a service is dominating the future of data centers due to lower upfront cost and the comfort of pay-as-you-go pricing model. SaaS offerings can be funded with operational expenses rather than capital expenditures and a hybrid cloud model is being increasingly adopted with legacy applications on premise and SaaS-ready applications moved to external cloud servers housed in third-party data centers.

Our cloud migration services involves moving your valuable data between cloud environments or to different service providers securely. We also enable customised data center infrastructure setup at your location or in any one of our 28 secure Facilities across India.

In a growing IT setup managing the right skills can be a complex task when it comes to sourcing and maintaining resources. To ensure agility and competitiveness in an ever evolving marketplace, you can focus on core competencies while we manage a reliable IT environment to support your business.

Our complete range of services include:

  • Cloud Migration & infra set-up

  • Data Centre Setup

  • Data Hosting Services

  • Skill Augmentation Services

  • Data Centre & IT Operations

  • SaaS