Keri, North Goa

Writer Realty is developing the concept for a new resort on a waterfront site in Goa.

The resort proposes an integration of nature, architecture and man-made landscape. The buildings grow out of the topography of the site, and shape outdoor spaces. Elements such as green walls, green roofs, and internal gardens blur the line between architecture and nature. The landscape itself is based on native plants and seasonal cycles and avoids a manicured look. In that sense, the line between man-made landscape and untended nature is also blurred.

The forms of the resort are modern but the materials refer to the traditional architecture of Goa. The buildings will mix stucco surfaces and 'laterite' stone walls and areas of patterned ‘calcada’ paving that are indigenous to traditional Goan architecture.

The resort is planned around low-tech, achievable green strategies. Natural ventilation, sun shading devices, green roofs and walls, and on-site storm water and wastewater management will be employed in the construction of the resort.