The origin of Writer Corporation trace back to 1947 when a gentleman by the name of Mr. P.N. Writer started a small Mumbai based packing company doing business under the name “P.N. Writer and Company”. In 1957, Mr. Charles de Souza (Father of Mr. William de Souza and Mr. Denzil de Souza) joined the business. In 1959, Mr. Charles de Souza acquired the business and was joined by his wife, Mrs. Alice de Souza. Their hard work and determination laid the first foundations for the emergence of Writer Corporation. From the late seventies, a partnership flourished between Mr. William de Souza and Mr. Denzil de Souza that catapulted Writer to becoming one of the largest move management companies in the world as well as diversifying into business services and real estate.

Like many business stories – the strength of Writer has been the commitment of a family that over 70 years has built Writer Corporation into a market leader respected for quality, service, customer care, people relations and superior infrastructure in any and every service or product it offers to its premium customers.

As Writer made the transition from being a family driven enterprise to an environment within which employees and business teams take responsibility to set and achieve goals, we aspire to create an organization that values creative thinking and execution skills above all else.

Business Evolution Journey


Launch of Writer Relocations Business ( by P. N. Writer )


Acquisition of Writer Relocations from P.N. Writer


Launch of Writer Information Business


Launch of Middle East Operations In Writer Relocations


Launch of Writer Safeguard – Cash Management Business


First Own Warehouse Facility of International Standards for Documents Storage at Mumbai


Launch of Data Management Services


Launch of INFODOCS Solutions in Writer Information


Launch of Asset Mobility Services in Writer Relocations


  • 100% Acquisition of HEXTECH Hospital Software Co. By Writer Information.
  • Launch of Digital Solutions (DS).
  • Launch of ATM Managed Services In Writer Safeguard.
  • Launch of Business Process Services (BPS).


  • Intelics Nigeria.
  • Launch of Glovve - Digital Relocations Business.


  • Acquisition of BTR International, UK.
  • Launch of Visa and Immigration Services in Writer Relocations.


Launch of Cloud & Data Center Services.


    Launch of Dharana Wellness - A Holistic Wellness Brand


  • Launch of Integrated Automation Platform
  • Launch of KSA Operations In Writer Relocations