Our core objective of 'optimising' cash in circulation is possible through our 'Cash Optimization Solutions' (COS) where we work with our customers to see how processes can be streamlined and automated to reduce cash handling costs during the cash management lifecycle.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Cash forecasting for bank branches
  • Inter branch movement of cash
  • Cash processing at currency chest
  • Managing and Operating of the banks’ currency chests

We keep innovating our products and services to ensure we offer global solutions for our clients which make a meaningful difference in the way they do business - from estimating optimum cash eplenishment based on past trend and current cash status updates to switch counters and transaction data from switch, we make use of the appropriate toolsfor handling every single aspect of cash management. We also offer reconciliation and MIS reports for replenished and idle cash.

Currency Chest Management Solutions

Our comprehensive currency management solutions are provided to our clients through partly or wholly outsourced model. These solutions comprise of the following:

  • Cash processing
  • Sorting, disbursement and allocation of cash
  • Inter-branch currency chest movement
  • Cash receipt
  • Merging
  • Bulk cash movement
  • Guarding
  • Forecasting and planning (for branches)
  • Gold storage
  • Housekeeping services
  • Managing electronic surveillance and logical security

Counter Management

We offer secure and efficient counter management services to our customers by manning counters at their premises while collecting cash from customers, sorting, processing and depositing the cash in the bank on the same day. We can also vault the cash if it needs to be deposited the next working day.

The Writer Advantage

  • Appropriate tools/methods are used to estimate optimum replenishment on all days based on past trends, current cash status updates, switch counters and transaction data from Switch.
  • Writer Safeguard provides its customers with end to end currency management services on partly or wholly outsourced model.